Amanda fixed my lips with filler after I had surgery that made my lips irregular. I was so happy and grateful. She’s also the best BOTOX injector.

Lisa Palmer

I’ve debated getting Botox for years and finally decided now was the time! Amanda is amazing, I wanted a natural not frozen look and I love my results! I don’t wear make up anymore (cause masks) and I get so many compliments!

Gina Groos

Amanda & her assistant were both so kind! Very professional. Love my lips already!

Kristina Batal

Amanda does such a good job of enhancing your natural look. I was so worried about getting Botox/Fillers at first because I didn’t to change the way I look, but her touch is so natural and fairly painless. I highly recommend her!

Marissa Acker

Amanda is the best in SLC. She does a great job of enhancing my natural features, and I NEVER look frozen after getting BOTOX. Very happy with my results. Other notable mentions: COVID friendly office, Amanda always wears a mask, and her workspace is always very clean. YAY!

Abigail Bridges

I absolutely LOVE Amanda! She is amazing and so good at what she does! She is darling!! Super nice and friendly!! Definitely recommend her to all my friends!!

Bethani Johnsen