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Dysport Treatment Park City, SLC, UT

First treatment is $10/unit

Normally $12/unit

Dysport has been used since 2009 to reduce wrinkles, and it works in a way very similar to Botox. Like Botox, it also contains botulinum toxin A, which relaxes the muscle contractions that have caused wrinkles.

Dysport is unique in that it spreads easily across an area of the face. That means it’s great for reducing wrinkles on the forehead and in other large areas. But, Botox may be the better treatment for you if you have wrinkles in a very defined area, like between the eyes. You can trust Amanda to know if Botox or Dysport will work better to achieve the look you want. She is very well trained in both treatments and can confidently recommend the treatment that’s best for you.

Just like Botox, Dysport treatment takes less than an hour and requires no downtime. Most people see results in just 3 days and those results can last up to 5 months. Dysport statistics show that over 95% of clients are satisfied with only two treatments per year.

Pricing per area for Dysport

  • “11” Lines, between the eyebrows: 15–20 units
  • Horizontal forehead lines: 5–20 units
  • Crow’s feet: 12–24 units
  • Bunny lines: 4–9 units
  • Jaw: 30–60 units
  • Gummy smile: 1–5 units
  • Lip flip: 2–4 units
  • Smoker’s lines: 2–6 units
  • Downturn smile: 4–8 units
  • Orange peel chin: 4–8 units
  • Underarms: 40–100 units

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